Amount Due

  Please note Total profit on the [Amount Due] page is updated at 05 minutes past every hour.

Calculation of Amount Due (settlement)

Amount Due (Settlement) = Monthly sales - Service fee
 : Service fee is the only fee that WeBudding takes. Creators don’t need to pay this fee as WeBudding automatically deducts this fee from the monthly sales. If there are no monthly sales, we don’t take the service fee.
Below is an example to help you understand how your payment amount is determined.
The dollar amount is rounded down to the nearest cent ($0.01)
Assuming that your monthly sales amount is US$112.86 and your service fee rate is 20%,
Service Fee (A) = Monthly Sales Amount X Service Fee Rate Calculating : $112.86 X 0.2 = $22.57 (A)
Final Payment Amount = Monthly Sales Amount - Service Fee (A) Calculating: $112.86 - $22.57 = $90.29

Payment date

  Payment date: 20th of the following month(KST)
 : If the 20th is not a business day, it will be sent on the earliest business day.
 The payment will be notified through your email on the 4-6th of the following month.
Mail :