Product Description

 How to Upload Product Description

Detailed Description

 : Is the detailed description important?
 : YES. Customers decide whether to buy your products based on this description. Lack of information in the detailed description will most likely lead to customers not purchasing the product. Therefore, we recommend that you provide as many details as possible regarding the product.
Width Size(recommended): 890px
Resolution(recommended): 150DPI
File Format: JPG, PNG, GIF

 Creation Tips

Introduce your templates so that customers can see what templates are in the product.
Include all the information you think customers need to know.
Example) the number of pages, hyperlinks, file format, product size, compatible devices, compatible apps
Who is your target audience? Describe who would be suitable for your product.
If you create similar products depending on colors, shadows, etc, please add the sentence that explains what product customers are looking at such as ‘This is a RED product you are looking at.’.
Include an example of how you use the product.
This is one of the monthly pages of my product. You can use NOTES as a checklist or a list of important events. I used it as my to-do list.
Display how hyperlinks work and where they are placed if your product has hyperlinks.
Red boxes are the hyperlinked parts. You’ll move to the month you choose when tapping one of the months on the right.
For stickers, show how stickers can be used in the templates.
This is how I used the sticker. Isn't it prettier when it's used?
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